Homeward Bound: The Ardleigh, Ardleigh Green, Essex

P1040223When my parent’s local pub come restaurant changed hands from an English pub and Thai restaurant cross to a brand new venue on the Ember Inns roster, it was only a matter of time before they were invited my husband and I round to test it out. Having visiting another Ember Inns venue in Hornchurch previously, I thought I knew roughly what to expect, however it’s always interesting to see the new spins different managers can put on to their patch of the chain portfolio.

Upon arriving at the newly named ‘The Ardleigh’, I really loved the relaxed atmosphere – dressed in muted shades of sage green, cream and plenty of natural pale wood, the décor has a definite feel of a country style kitchen; you can just imagine family members clustering together around the table for a Sunday roast. Despite aiming for cosy and comfortable, The Ardleigh is also undoubtedly stylish – you can tell that the presentation has been well thought out and designed, homey basics given a classy makeover for a rather swanky home away from home. Trying to not only be a successful restaurant, but also a local pub, it’s great that The P1040225Ardleigh has an array of different style seating, with a mix of table shapes and sizes, as well as sofa style benches for bigger tables, bucket chairs for intimate smaller groups around circles or more structured dining chairs around square set ups, ready for families of four. Animal based paintings and blackboards grace the walls, whilst dresser style cupboards house additional condiments and menus. Ordering some Sauvignon Blanc at the bar, we picked a table round the corner where I could squidge myself on some sofa seating next to Dan, my parents taking some dining chairs opposite.P1040226

The great thing about the Ember Inns brand is that it is definitely an advocate of traditional British fodder – perfect for fussy eaters (yes hubby, I’m looking at you). With a classic mix of dishes covering everything from pasta and salads to kick ass grills and burgers, there is something for everyone on the menu. Sipping my wine rather merrily, I decided to skip starters, although my mum chose the camembert sharer so I could have a dunk if I wanted. The presentation here was really nice, the wonderfully oozing and molten cheese sitting like a pool of perfection in its wooden box, a ramekin of onion chutney suggestively sidled up next to it. Small slices of toasted ciabatta bread were fanned around the edge, perfect for plucking. The homely feel was emphasised by the fact the food was propped on a sheet of Ember Inn printed newspaper, giving the classic chippie dinner a serious upheaval. Dan opted for something a bit different with his starter, choosing the pulled pork and pancetta croquettes. This is a combo I haven’t heard of before in a breaded croquette bite, so needless to say I swiped a bite. The pulled pork was definitely the predominant flavour, which is never a bad thing, the pancetta being more small morsels scattered occasionally within.P1040227

You can’t get more traditional that a juicy rump steak, and requesting mine medium rare, I thoroughly enjoyed my meat-fest. I tend to prefer a rump steak over sirloin, just because I favour a thicker steak, and the same was true with this meal – I just felt that the flavour came through really nicely, the meat was nice and tender and you could visibly see the juices of the meat, meaning it was deliciously moist and succulent too. Swapping my chips for buttered new potatoes, these were light and fluffy on the inside, the aspiration of any potato worth its salt, the onion rings soft and squidgy on the inside, the batter light and crisp. Palming off my mushrooms on anyone who will have them, the grilled tomato is what it says on the tin really, while the peas I disguised in sauce, as I’m not a fan! I added a sauce to my steak meal, opting for the Béarnaise – this creamy and thick sauce, peppered with hints of herbs, is definitely a treat, with a luxurious silky texture that glides overP1040224 each mouthful of steak tastily. The thicker texture means that it stands up to the steak and the flavour isn’t lost or diminished by the strong meatiness of the meal – it works well to enhance the flavour and offer something a bit different from the traditional peppercorn or Diane options (although you can still order these if you prefer).

The dessert menu had me licking my lips and confirming that I made the right choice avoiding a starter – I think I wanted at least four different items from the menu! In the end, I chose something new to feature on the Ember Inns autumnal menu, praline profiteroles – two words that are amazing alone yet exceptional when paired together. The small batter balls were filled with a pale yellow custard, that was a cross in texture between traditional gloopy custard and pouring cream. The profiterole was encased in a Ferrero Rocher style shell, consisting of chocolate speared with nut chunks. So many of my favourite flavours all in the one dessert! Served with either cream or vanilla ice cream, I P1040228opted for the ice cream just to give yet another texture, the vanilla adding an extra hue to the indulgent flavour too. Also coming with a chocolate dipping sauce, this spot of creativity helps to further make this dish stand out, as you can either dunk your profiteroles, or pour the sauce over, so you can tailor your dessert to your tastes. Despite munching my way through my sweet, I was also able to ‘help’ my mum finish hers as well – the salted caramel cheesecake, complete with toffee sauce and chocolate, a scoop of ice cream again the finishing touch. The caramel flavour was divine, and really came through every aspect and component of the cheesecake. The texture of the cheesecake itself was like a very thick mousse, still having that firmness yet being light to cut and eat. Desserts were definitely a winner.P1040229

I also really enjoyed the wine – I found they offered a good selection, and although they were out of my first choice, after scanning the fridges, I soon spied an Oyster Bay white wine that would more than do the job. After a few glasses, I was definitely feeling more talkative! On the whole, my family and I had a lovely evening at The Ardleigh – the food was delicious with plenty of variety and the occasional twist on the traditional to make our favourites even more delectable. The service was also fine, the waiting team and bar staff all very friendly. I would say that we waited longer than normal for service, and the food took quite a while to come out. On a quiet weekday evening like when we visited, this is not the end of the world, although I imagine it would be a different scenario come the weekend. Prices and portion sizes are also decent. A more grown up venue, I’d visit again with more friends and family in tow.




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