Tillie’s Tearooms, Chelmsford, Essex


Set Menu:

  • Location: Tillie’s Tearooms, Marsh Farm Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, CM3 5WP
  • Date of Visit: Sunday 15th March 2015
  • Time of Table:00pm
  • Deal Bought From: Groupon
  • Deal Price: £14 for Two (we also bought two more at full price to up our table to four people. This cost £20 for the additional two)
  • Dinner Companion: Twin sister, Jess, mother Tina and grandma Hazel.

P1030562Getting More for your Money?

This deal includes:

  • Afternoon tea for two people, featuring a selection of finger sandwiches, cakes, scones and unlimited tea or coffee

What we ate…

  • Finger sandwiches, fillings included tuna, ham, egg mayonnaise, cheese and mayo combo on both white or wholegrain bread
  • Homemade scones with sultanas, served with blackcurrant jam and clotted cream or butter
  • Slices of Victoria sponge cake
  • Mini chocolate éclairs
  • Mini choux buns with coffee cream filling or custard cream filling
  • Selection of Danish pastries, including cinnamon swirls, apple turnovers and jam filled pastries

P1030566What we drank…

  • Numerous pots of tea
  • Numerous pots of coffee

What did we think?

Previous mother’s days have seen my sister and I treat our mum to a tasty Italian brunch out, an oriental Chinese meal and a slap up homemade tapas feast to name a few, so this year, we wanted to make sure we chose something different, yet delicious. We came up trumps when I stumbled across this afternoon tea deal on Groupon. Originally just buying it for two people, we then thought it would be the ideal group activity, so we booked a couple more spots at the table direct with the venue so that three generations could all cluster together for a tea time treat.

P1030569Part of the popular Marsh Farm complex, it doesn’t have the traditional glamour of an afternoon tea served in a swanky hotel. The airy open barn with large dark beams against the whitewashed walls hailed to a time gone by, further accentuated by the rustic wooden benches, a bit like old fashioned church pews, the large wooden tables simply adorned with a clear vase and some cheery fake flowers. With a distinct vintage feel, Tillie’s Tearoom is strung with pink patchwork bunting for feminine slashes across the imposing historical style building, the occasional mirror dotting the walls. It’s rustic charm and retro vibe was addictive as I slid into our chosen bench, admiring a white cabinet holding mismatched teapots, cups and saucers.

Ordering pots of tea for Jess and I, and coffee for the mums of the group, our drinks were quirkily presented in odd cups and saucers so that P1030570none of the sets matched. A large white teapot to share let our tea brew, while our mum and grandma were given a small white individual coffee pot each for their drinks. A dish on the table contained sugar sachets, as well as a jar of ketchup, which intrigued me as to the other food they serve at the tearooms. The china wear was decorated with an array of different painted flowers, the saucers arriving in a variety of colours. There wasn’t a choice of tea or coffee, it was pretty much your standard breakfast variety, with milk served in a small jug. There was only one jug between four of us, which wasn’t really enough, so we had to keep asking for this to be refilled, which took a while since the place was so busy.

P1030571When our afternoon tea arrived at the table, it definitely looked the part as my eyes instantly honed in on a massive homemade scone, peppered with large, juicy sultanas. As well as the sandwiches on the bottom tier, we were given an additional plate too, the sandwiches cut into fingers or quarters, served with soft white bread or seedy wholegrain, both of which tasted fresh and lovely. There was a really nice selection of sandwich fillings as well, in popular flavours to appeal to as many people as possible. Tinned tuna was one, classic ham slices in another, the chunky egg mayonnaise also yummy. My favourite was the cheese, which came up like the three cheese sandwich filler you can buy in supermarkets, so although the fillings may not have been that original or homemade, the sandwiches themselves were still nice to eat.

The next tier was the warm, freshly baked scones. At first, we were only given two scones – for some reason the staff seemed really confused P1030567and incapable of working out what food needed to be brought, how much food needed to be brought and, and who the food was for. Originally being given an afternoon tea stand for two people, I had to ask numerous times for the additional scones so we could all have one each, and although our waitress brought out more sandwiches, we still had to wait for the additional scones and cakes to complete our platter. This meant that the first two scones brought out had cooled completely by the time the second batch of fresh, warm scones arrived, which I don’t think was particularly fair. This also meant we had a large wait in between the sandwiches and eating the scones, as we felt rude if only two of us could eat the scones without the others having some too.

P1030572Despite their delayed appearance, the scones were delicious, not being dry in the slightest although they were really large and fat. Crumbling when cut, they were spot on. We were all given a tiny individual jar of blackcurrant jam each and I barely managed to get the jam to spread across each side, so a bit more would have been welcome, although I like the twist of using a different jam flavour to the normal strawberry. The blackcurrant jam itself was really tasty with that richer, darker berry flavour that was the perfect underbelly to the silky clotted cream. Again, we were given just one miniscule ramekin for the four of us, when really, it would only have served two, so a few of us had to be frugal here, with my mum even having one half of her scone with butter to be on the safe side to make sure we could all have enough cream to cover our scones. The scones are always my favourite part of afternoon tea, and this bad boys didn’t disappoint, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

There was a really nice selection of cakes, although again we had to wait a while for enough cakes to arrive at our table, and even then, I’m notP1030563 sure we had the right selection as there were only two slices of Victoria sponge. The cake itself was moist and crumbly – you could really tell that they do their own baking, and it does make all the difference with regards to the taste and texture. The soft vanilla hued cake was lovely paired with the sticky strawberry jam and thin layer of cream within. We were also given a selection of choux buns, which were super light to eat and a really lovely contrast to the heavier cake and scones. A mini éclair each was filled with cream, with a runway of chocolate pasted on top. Little round choux buns contained either dreamy coffee flavoured cream, or a custard version, both of which were heavenly, the creamy fillings so silky smooth and light yet packed full of flavour. I could have eaten them all day! We were also given a plate of hot Danish pastries, which is again, a nice spin on the traditional. They were smaller in size too so it wasn’t too overbearing to eat all of them! The cinnamon swirls fell apart endearingly as you bit in to them, whilst the jam centred one was really tasty when you smeared the raspberry filling across the hot, flaky pastry. Our mum and grandma also enjoyed an apple filled pastry each, licking their lips in appreciation.

P1030565Making a second reservation? As it was mother’s day, needless to say staff were rushed off their feet and unfortunately, this really hampered our experience. They seemed constantly confused, didn’t know how much food to bring out, or what they even needed to bring out, with long delays meaning we couldn’t really get stuck in to our afternoon tea. In a way, this is a great shame as the actual food itself, was really lovely, the quirky retro vibe really quaint and enjoyable, the homemade sweet treats providing good, old fashioned, delicious fun. If the service had been smoother and the staff were on their A game, it would have been a whole lot better. The scones were still out of this world though.

The dinner dates opinion:P1030573

My mum Tina said: ‘As it was Mothers’ Day, Tillies was unsurprisingly heaving with families out for the whole farm adventure.  The tea rooms were very busy and the lady looking after us quite simply didn’t have enough hands.  That being said, everything we had was lovely: the deliberately mismatched but beautiful crockery, the lovely crustless and really tasty sandwiches, the numerous little cake offerings including victoria sandwich and choux puffs, and the truly enormous home-made scones with clotted cream and jam.  All was washed down with as much tea and coffee as we could drink, and this particular Mum was thrilled with her special Mother’s Day treat.’


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