Kamique Bar, Leicester Square, London

Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

Set Menu:

  • Location: Kamique Bar, 63 – 66 St Martins Lane, London WC2N 4JS (nearest tube station is Leicester Square)
  • Date of Visit: Tuesday 15th October
  • Time of Table: 7.00pm
  • Deal Bought From: Groupon
  • Deal Price: £23 for Two
  • Dinner Companion: Twin sister, Jess

Getting More for your Money?

This dinner deal includes:

  • Two Starters
  • Two Main Courses
  • Two Glasses of Wine
  • For Two people
Goats Cheese Salad

Goats Cheese Salad

What we ate…


  • Starter: Homemade Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce
  • Main: Avocado Chicken Burger with Guacamole and Mango Salsa
Berry Blitz Mojito

Berry Blitz Mojito


  • Starter: Goats Cheese Salad
  • Main: Avocado Chicken Burger with Guacamole and Mango Salsa

What we drank…

  • Two Glasses of House White Wine
  • Berry Blitz Mojito
  • Winter Berry Mojito
  • Flaming Passion Fruit Mojito
Inside Kamique Bar

Inside Kamique Bar

What did we think?

Darkly luxuriant with a nonchalant attitude, Kamique Bar is achingly hip, in a relaxed James Dean like style. Amidst the thriving nightlife of London’s lively Leicester Square, new joint Kamique has an unmistakable aura of cool with its deep red walls, exotically fringed plant pots and dimmed down lighting. What I loved about the layout of this bar, is the various heights and levels used throughout. Tall tables paired with chairs that seemed to be on stilts sat you nice and high, but the next area would be low round tables. The flooring was staggered with dining style tables in one section, next to plush cube stool-style seats at floor level. The constant up and down of the seating arrangements and flooring sections added extra interest as you glanced around, as did the gilded framed mirrors and the deep splashes of greenery. Background music was pumping out the latest popular hits and I loved every track that came on, despite it being slightly too loud for intimate conversation. Kamique Bar was slick and bursting with well-dressed class; like the timeless leather jacket, it knew exactly what it was doing.

Our voucher entitled us to a two course meal with a complimentary glass of house red or wine white. We settled on our over-stretched table and high stools with an inelegant clamber before selecting the white wine. The wine was perfect and flavourful without that overbearing dryness that I can’t stand. Despite our full glasses, we couldn’t resist reading the cocktail menu – a fully-fledged pamphlet that contained a vast array of beautiful sounding beverages that I had never even heard of before. Imaginatively combined flavours with a smudge of London pizazz is what makes cocktails truly great and we couldn’t wait to sample some. Costing between £7 and £8 per cocktail, the pricing was also rather reasonable for such a central location.

Chic and cool vibe

Chic and cool vibe

I decided to try the Winter Berry Mojito, which used Krupnik honey vodka with raspberry puree as well as fresh blackberries and mint. Summer berries like these are my favourite and I loved the fresh vibrancy of the background mojito notes paired with the intense and rich berry flavours. Topped with a juicy, ripe blackberry and packed with crushed ice, I could have happily slurped on this punchy number all day. Being more into tropical flavours, Jess settled for Flaming Passion Fruit Mojito that really does what it says on the tin – it arrived on our table with half a passion fruit sat atop the crumbling ice, burning with a bright blue flickering flame! A cocktail with an entrance is an arresting sight and we dutifully oohed and ahhed over it. Full of Havana rum and passion fruit, it had a sweet and light taste.  Irresistibly drawn to the cocktail list after our meal, we settled our stomachs with a Berry Blitz – again another style of mojito, this one using vodka with strawberry and raspberry purees, making it mouth-wateringly refreshing yet tangy and sweet as well. The cocktail menu is absolutely fantastically faultless with a flavour combination to suit every style of taste bud, making it the perfect hotspot for any after work drinks or girly get together.

Chicken Burger with chips and coleslaw

Chicken Burger with chips and coleslaw

After excitedly pawing the cocktail menu like kids at Christmas, it was time to get down to the important business of dinner, something we definitely do not take lightly. Our two courses were to be chosen from a voucher set menu of starters and main course, so not the full menu, however I still feel we had more than enough choice available to us – especially as it took me so long to narrow down what I actually wanted! For starters, I settled on the homemade vegetable spring rolls for some fancy finger food.  Where they were large spring rolls, I had two that been cut in half diagonally so that I could admire the finely sliced combined vegetables inside. The flaky exterior of the spring rolls were deliciously crisp and crumbled over my lips as I ate, generously dunking sections into the sweet chilli sauce that in no way overpowered the rolls, but merely enhanced them with a gentle warmth and extra goo factor for an additional texture as well. A classic combo and nothing too out there, but it was executed well and it was the ideal start to get the meal revving and ready to go.

Our table

Our table

We both opted for the same main course, deciding to go for the chicken burger, complete with the clean Caribbean flavours of avocado, guacamole and mango salsa. The chicken burger was nice and thick with a char grilled texture and taste, the chunky meat working well with the saucy smears of the green guacamole piled inside, the rough textured salsa helping the flavours to mingle merrily. Served in a giant white bap dusted with flour, it seemed to stay together well which is always a true decent burger test. I had to cut the sucker in half, but that was more for politeness than for any real desperate need to defeat its size. It was light yet filling and really transported me from the gloomy London pre-winter weather; it felt like a boost of bright sunshine served in a bun. Next to the burger was a fat dollop of homemade coleslaw that was deliciously creamy yet with the traditional crunch factor, which made the perfect partner for the skinny cut French fries that were presented in a napkin dressed small silver bucket on the other side of my burger. I usually prefer a chunky chip, but despite these ones being very thin, they were tasty and incredibly moreish. It may have been just a simple burger and chips meal, but I loved that they went with the exotic and have such a diverse range of burger available – it makes it much more different and a refreshing change from what you can order in any pub. I really enjoyed my main course – it was also the ideal portion size. I was full, but I could easily tap up dessert if I so chose.

l-r: Winter Berry and Flaming Passion Fruit Mojitos

l-r: Winter Berry and Flaming Passion Fruit Mojitos

After our two courses and concluding cocktail, we decided to peruse the dessert menu. However, after seeing a few dessert plates pass our table during the course of the evening, we have to confess to being rather unimpressed with the portion sizes. They looked like they could be eaten in one simplistic mouthful and that’s no way to enjoy dessert. The dessert menu is also fairly average, nothing that really stands out. We decided to save our money and instead visit a nearby Patisserie Valerie to really get stuck in to afters.

Chocolate heaven

Chocolate heaven

When we arrived at the patisserie, it was quite late in the evening so they didn’t have a huge selection left to choose from. However, I selected an impressively stacked double chocolate gateaux slice, filled with light and creamy chocolate mousse as well as mounted with a delicious profiterole. It was pure chocaholic heaven and every spoonful felt like a decadent indulgence. Jess decided to go for the tiramisu gateaux slice, with vanilla flavoured cake housing a soft coffee flavoured mousse, dusted delicately with coco powder. The sponge was wonderfully soft and moist, while the combination of flavours simply melted in the mouth for a gorgeously sweet spoonful. As is tradition, we paired our classic cakes with a frothy cappuccino that was simply lovely and professionally prepared. It really hit the spot to finish off our meal very nicely, although it was a shame that Kamique Bar couldn’t fulfil the dessert section of our meal.

Making a second reservation? I wouldn’t say that Kamique is in any way a restaurant – it is clearly a bar that has a more than decent menu but it has handy finger food and tasty original grub. Cutlery is served in a silver bucket stuffed with white paper napkins, with a ‘get stuck in’ style nod, which juxtaposes with the ketchup being served in a small white dish and the posh rectangular white plates. With the music blaring slightly louder than I would have liked, it was definitely gearing up for the night owls, but I loved the décor and the atmosphere of the place – we are even now considering having our birthday drinks here come March because of the brilliant mix of classy yet tasty food, imaginative and flavourful cocktails and an energetically buzzing atmosphere. In some way, shape or form, I would love to return, although not if I was looking for a proper three course meal.

Coffee cake at it's finest

Coffee cake at it’s finest

The Dinner Dates Opinion:

“Kamique is a new cocktail bar and when I saw the voucher, I thought it would be right up my street. Nice looking food and pages and pages of cocktails to choose from with the specialties being various forms of mojitos – my favourite! The decor is modern but welcoming; well finished with a really nice atmosphere, suitable for drinks on a night out, a date, or catching up with friends.

I had a goats cheese salad for starters, which was really nice, a decent starter portion and the flavours complemented each other nicely. For mains, I was stuck on what to pick – the menu doesn’t have many items on it compared to restaurants – but what it does offer is a broad range of food which I was struggling to choose between. I opted for a chicken burger with mango salsa and chips in the end. This was really nice, refreshing and not too heavy, but a decent portion and cooked well. We fancied something sweet for dessert, but the dessert menu was quite small and on seeing other desserts come out we decided that the portions just weren’t going to hit the spot, so we decided to go elsewhere for that after mains treat.

Classy cappuccinos

Classy cappuccinos

Drinks wise, we had a glass of wine with dinner included, but we also wanted to try some of the yummy sounding cocktails on the menu. Although we were there during the 2 for 1 cocktail period, it wasn’t clear what cocktails were included, meaning that typically the ones we chose were not in the deal. Although I was very happy with my passion fruit effort. Arriving at the table with a flaming passion fruit boat it had the drama that a cocktail should have, and the tropical flavours were really working for me! I also had a strawberry number later on in the evening which was also very nice. I do like a good cocktail, and I can recommend the ones here.

Overall, I really enjoyed my evening here. I will definitely come again, although probably more for drinks, but if I needed food too, I wouldn’t be disappointed.”


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