Hidden Extra: Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar, Great Portland Street, London

Definitely an eye catching entrance sign!

Before heading to Waterloo Bar and Kitchen for our slap up meal of the evening, my sister Jess and I decided to burn some time in a downstairs bar opposite my office, just off Great Portland Street. With a comical cartoon sign sitting amidst a glass office front and a lunchtime café, you do wonder what on earth is actually there. As you head closer, and glance down a black metal staircase, you catch a glimpse of an alluring and gilded luxury under the small neon sign above the door.

When we entered The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar, I must admit, it caught me completely off guard and I was instantly enamoured by the retro glamour oozing from the place, from the golden gilt-work sofas covered in luxurious velvet patterned textiles, to the 20’s dressed bar tender, playing the part with a silver cocktail shaker. Even though the venue is rather small, it also seems divided into sections, with a large open space in the middle, with hard wooden tables and chairs one side, bar at the back, and plush sofas and impressive chairs the other. There were also some lowered, closed off booths, shrouded in curtains that would be ideal for a girly get together or party.

Simply wonderful Pink Punch

If the dusky glitz of the atmosphere and the surroundings didn’t get you going, then the cocktail menu sure will. Granted, cocktails are always pricey and these ones are no exception, but they are also the tastiest I have had in a while. Opting for the femininely named Pink Punch, this was a sharing cocktail for two, priced at £19. We thought it would come up in the traditional two glasses, but no, Lucky Pig has more style than that.

Dingy 20’s glamour

Presented in a large, fish bowl like glass, almost like a trophy, the delicate pale pink liquid was scattered with fresh raspberries, strawberries and ice, with clear straws sticking out the top. Made up of Martini Rosato, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cucumber, Lemon and Prosecco, this divinely sweet cocktail was so refreshing, zingy and just completely perfect. After a long day cooped up in the office, it was exactly what the medical student ordered (Jess is a 4th year med student, so pun intended!).

Quirky dark wood bar

The Lucky Pig is a true hidden gem, bursting as its vaguely seedy seams with class, vintage elegance and exotic cocktail mixes that would make it an ideal venue for a themed fancy dress party. Completely fun and appealing, I can see it being very easy to spend an evening sampling the varied drinks menu, although I wished I had the purse strings to match my cocktail curiosity!

The mysterious hidden entrance to cocktail wonderland


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