Hidden Extra: Maison Bertaux

Quirky French cool on the streets of London

After leaving Little Sicily, with our tummies full of tasty Italian food and our heads full of fruity white wine, we decided to explore the popular Theatreland of Leicester Square, with a bounty of lighted signs, throngs of people and activity galore.

Probably one area of cuisine that I would sincerely love to discover more about is the temptingly tantalising and sweet world of patisseries. Often I walk past them, gazing longingly through the windows at the abundance of usually strawberry or chocolate piled delicacies – so intricate in their design and structure yet looking so fluffy and edible. In modern life, hurrying is the norm and I usually have to bypass these nuggets of loveliness and abandon the strangely longed for calories of cakey goodness.

Simply too tempting…

But not this time. After a really fun evening devouring traditional Italian pasta, we emerged into a buzzing atmosphere and decided to go for a wonder around the side streets. Here, we stumbled across a quaint and quirky French patisserie, with the shiniest, chocolate-gleaming éclairs flashing in the window, sat next to mini mountains of tumbling red strawberry tarts, and towering slices of nut smothered cake. After staring for far longer than is polite, we decided that despite our full tummies, we simply had to have cake.

Streams of French flag coloured ribbons swayed from lights fitting to light fitting, the tiny interior of the café emphasised by the intense array of vaguely dusty knick nacks that cluttered behind the till and on top of a piano pushed against the wall. We choose to share a slice of cake between us and opted for one that had caught my eye right at the back.

Kitsch styling makes it comfortable and memorable

It was a traditional vanilla sponge, with a yellow layer of creamy custard in the middle, with strawberries placed carefully among the gooey-ness. Usually, I don’t like icing, but the vivid pink topping actually tasted more like a sweetie than traditional icing which I loved. Decorated with a simple chocolate dipped strawberry, it was a classic cake that ticked all of our boxes.

Fingers crossed I can find this minute patch of French flavours again some day.

The cake that caught our eye!


2 thoughts on “Hidden Extra: Maison Bertaux

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  2. I was so shocked to pay the bill of 2 cups of coffee and 2 pieces of cake. It is so expensive £18.60 for those.

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